Sep 22, 2010



A is for Allisaurus , He never would surrender.

B is for Brontosaurus, The biggest dinosaur ever!

C is for Ceratops, Being a mom is how she always was pictured.

D is for Dimetrodon, Looks like a lizard.

E is for Eoraptor, He goes super fast.

F is for Fabrosaurus, He always got passed.

G is for Garudimimus, He doesn't even fall.

H is for Hadrosaurus, He was 23 feet tall.

I is for Iguanadon, she was bigger than a rhino.

J is for Jainosaurus, A lovely dino.

K is for Kronosaurus, He was created with the birds.

L is for Lesothosaurus, They travel in herds.

M is for Majungasaurus, Careful he might bite!

N is for Nodosaurus, He has lots of spikes.

O Is for Oviraptor, She is an egg-thief.

P is for Parksosaurus, He never ate beef.

Q is for Quetzalcoatlus, He never ate berries.

R is for Rebbachisaurus, They love veggies.

S is for Stokesaurus, He really had a odor.

T is for Tyranasaurus Rex, He's famous all over.

U is for Uberabatitan, He had really big jaws.

V is for Velociraptor, He has super sharp claws.

W is for wooly mammoth, His name says it all.

X is for Xiaosaurus dashanpensis, they were really small.

Y is for Yangchuanosaurus, they were really smart!

Z is for Zephyrosaurus, They could really dart!

Do you know what the only thing they have in common is?
It's God!!!