Aug 15, 2009

My brothers cake

This is my brother first cake. he was 3 when he made it!!!!!

Aug 14, 2009

im a princess

I was dared to go to the grocery store by my dad, because I was looking like that. My outfit included a robe, crown, baby doll, and a blue fuzzy rap. I didn't include the purple flowers that I was getting "married " with. We all had a good laugh even me!!!

family portrait

That is me in Montana. (i am the one sitting on my dads lap) That is my sick uncle peaking over the sheet.

Aug 12, 2009

first time bowling

i got a strike on the first try!!!

Aug 8, 2009

My sisters school

My sister does time for learning and loves it. It teachers are puppets who get her attention. And my little brother can't wait to start it himself.

my moms birthday

My moms birthday was yesterday. She got kitchen supplies from me and one of her friends, ferns from my nanny and sister she got 2 ferns, and Daisy's from my dad.

Aug 4, 2009


Karate is lots of fun. I absolutely love going. I'm a white belt and am going to get my yellow belt.

my family

I have a sister named princess. She is 8 yrs old. And a brother named bub. He is 4 almost 5. My family has 5 people in it. My mom is 32 and turning 33. My dad is 32.


If you believe in creation and that God is watching over you. Your a masterpiece in his eyes.
But if you believe in evolution your just an accident.