Jul 16, 2011


I did a locks of love doation. I love my new hair!

And after!
Me with pig-tails.

Camp, Montana, Chairs, and fish!

Ok, so last Wednesday my grandmother got here, we call her Mamaw. She lives in Montana and comes down about every 2 years or so. She came down because this weekend she had a reunion in Midland, so she thought it would be nice if she visited us for a few days, and when she left take me and Princess back with her. So on Friday she left for Midland and will be back on Sunday. On Tuesday me and Princess are going to a Missions camp, starting Tuesday and ending Saturday. I am really excited there will be swimming and lots more fun.
Mamaw with her papion dog Penny.
This is what the paper about the camp says the purpose is. The purpose for the camp is to help girls develop a missions lifestyle. This is accomplished by providing a atmosphere of learning about missions, leading the camper to an understanding of God as creator and a personal knowledge and acceptance of Christ as savior and Lord, spiritual decisions at the level of her readiness, viewing her own commitment to God in both daily living and working choice, cultivating a concern for all who are without Christ, developing a sense of fair play, integrity, and honesty, taking part in a variety of activities and experiences, which assist in developing Christian behavior.
The day after we get back from camp we will be leaving for Montana. We will be able to see our aunt and uncle (Or as I call them my "Ancles") and our cousins. We will be able to go to the fair and see our youngest cousin (Who we will call "Lil cuz") compete with his pig and cow. I don't know if my older cousin (We will call him "Biggins") will be competing this year. Biggins competed with his horses and a buggy last time we went up. Lil cuz is about Princess' age.
Now the chair part, I have a chair that is like from the 70's. Right now it looks like it has carpet as its cover. Well we called a reupholster and he said he will do my chair for about 240$, which is a good price. Maybe, if she will do it, I am going to ask Mamaw to pay for the chair for my Birthday. I have the fabric picked out. It is zebra print.
My chair!
Totally 70's!

Bub got a new fish he named it Fireball the Beta.

 Fireball Fireworks the Beta.
 He is beautiful!
 Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.
Fireball puffing up to an mirror image of himself.