Jan 6, 2010

I'm a Christian

On December 28th 2009 I became a Christian. I feel like a whole new person! It's amazing how becoming a Christian changes you r life. I just wanted to anounce it to the world.


We just started a schedule on Monday. I think things are going alot smoother. Here is the list my mom came up with.

-Up at 5 am- make breakfast,dads lunches
-dad and my brother and sister up at 5:30
-5-10 minute Bible reading
-dad leaves at 6:00
Morning chores
- make beds
- start laundry
- clean up breakfast
- 15 minute on living room
Get ready kids
- showers and bathroom pick-up
- dressed
- teeth
- lunch clean-up
- quiet time I read out loud
- house pick-up
- dinner-prep
- dad  home
- evening activities
10-20 minute Bible reading
-bed for kids 8-9

I have just rescently become a christian and I think this is helpingme and my family grow in our faith, and were behave much better. Were becoming a better family.