May 29, 2011

Bikes, and birth-days

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I have been really busy.

I got a new bike!!  I am so excited! 

Well it was almost my sisters birth-day when my mom and dad let me in on a secret. They were getting up early the next morning to bye princess a bike. (They didn't tell me they were getting all three of us a bike!) It was hard not to tell Bub or Princess, otherwise they would have spoiled the surprise. Well they got home they told ALL of us to get our ten-ishoes on. We went outside, dad moved the Durango, (I felt like I was on Extreme Makeover Home Edition) and SURPRISE there were three bikes. I immediately thought Princess was getting three bikes, WRONG, they were for all of us!!

 Bub on his first two-wheeler!!
Big Daddy helping Bub ride!!  GO BUB GO!!
Me on my bike!! SO excited!

And Princess, The birthday girl.
Well that night we went to Babes restuarant.  MMM!! 
Babes really cool chairs!!

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