Jun 7, 2011

Pray for the people of the Joplin tornado

Big Dad went to Joplin Missouri.  He is an electrician and him and a few other men went to Joplin where the BIG tornado was. Here is some pics Dad sent when he got there. So sad...

Everything is flat there
 One of the buildings left standing.
 Someones house, or at least whats left of it, what you see left is the saferoom that safed the life of the people my dad helped. The family heard the tornado sirens and went into the basement, they were watching the news when they saw there tree in there backyard lift out of the ground and laid in there backyard. The husband got his 2 kids and pregnant wife in the saferoom just as there chimney fell and landed on the couch thay were just sitting on. PRASE GOD FOR THERE PROTECTION.
It makes me feel thankful for what I have.

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