Jul 28, 2009

it's HUGE

My mom had sent me into her room to get something.I went in there and turned around and there sticking out of the light switch were these huge legs.I screamed and finally stammered "spider",My dad got up thinking of the little house spiders we get in the summer.Then he almost screamed. My mom sent me to my room.And got rid of it. We unloaded the vacuum cause they had sucked it up and searched for the spider and when we found it we figured out it was a wolf spider.


  1. wowsers!!!

    been thinking of you lately, I guess I need RSS streaming or something, because until you replied to my message and I got an email about that I didn't know you had posted again!

    LOVE the new look for the blog!

    Great job.

    Mrs. Logan

  2. I've been thinking of you too! Can't wait to talk to you again.


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