Jul 28, 2009


Once upon a time,
In the deep dark forest a fairy princess was born.
She was born in the most beautiful sunflower in the forest.
It shined as bright as a star, it's color as pretty as gold.
So she was named Sunflower. Sunflower's father King Harmony was so happy after her birth, that he had a parade. Queen Tulip loved her daughter more than anything. Sunflower wore a pink rose dress with a berry crown, her mother would put bows made of pink cotton in her hair. She has yellow sparkly wings because of the sunflower she was born in's brightness."She is so cute" everyone would say. As she got older she learned to fly! But sunflower was different from the other fairies, she was fearless. Once a hawk flew down to catch a fairy, While the other fairies scattered she yelled at the hawk saying " GO AWAY " The hawk so surprised flew away in shock. Luckily no one was hurt. That's when her parents found out she was fearless.

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